Agricultural Corn Drying Equipment(HG-500T Rice Dryer)

Continuous Grain Dryer|Grain Drying Machine||
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Model Name/HG-500T Continuous Grain Dryer
Structural style/Continuous
Drying method/Indirect heating
Shape Dimension of Dryer Body        (Long x Width x High)mm5100x4160x28060
Processing capacityt/d560
Precipitation amplitude%10-15
Number of drying sectionspcs17
Number of alleviating Su sectionpcs3
Cooling section heightmm3640
Net volume of dryerm3210
Hot air temperature range120-160
Drying capacityt%/h≥2.4
Installation capacitykw325.15
Grain column section size (length x width)mm4000 x 2772
Feed throat heightmm28060
Discharge outlet heightmm860
Dryer capacityt180
Water Inhomogeneity of Outgoing Maize/≤1.5%(Range of tax reduction≥5%)
Value-added of maize crushing rate before and after drying/≤0.3%
Outgoing grain temperatureWhen the ambient temperature is higher than 0℃, it shall not exceed 8℃; when the ambient temperature is lower than 0℃, it shall not exceed 8℃.
Increased crack rate of maize before and after drying/Less than 30% (precipitation range > 10%)
Maximum grain temperature70
Unit heat consumption of dryerkj/kgH2O235
Waste heat recovery mode/amountkj/h80
Ventilation Joint Thickness of Corner Boxmm2
Inner wall thicknessmm4+3
Thickness of body shell color platemm0.5
Life expectancy of organismyear10
Whole machine qualityt38
Number of hot air blowers 3
Driving mode/D
Type Name of Hot Air Fan/Y4-72-12C Boiler Centrifugal Induced Fan                                                       Y4-73-11C Boiler Centrifugal Induced Fan                                                     Y4-73-10C Boiler Centrifugal Induced Fan
Air pressure of hot air blowerPa2705+2580+2359
Flow rate of hot air blowerm3/h68990+49000+44000
Hot air fan motor powerkw75+55+37
Motor Speed of Hot FanR/min1480+1480+1480
Type Name of Cooling Fan/4-72-12C centrifugal fan
Motor Power of Cooling Fankw37
Total power of dryer motorkw2.2+2.2
Type Name/Raw Material Type of Hot Blast Furnace/DZL-10TH light chain grate/coal and biomass
Hot Blast Furnace Power (Output Heat)kj/h(Kcal/h)600
Type Name of Hot Blast Furnace Inducer Fan/Y5-47-10C Boiler Centrifugal Induced Draft Fan
Motor Power of Inducer Fan for Hot Blast Furnacekw37
Type Name of Burner/RS800 Natural Gas Burner
Burner Fuel Types/Natural gas
Burner thermal power (heat output)kj/h600